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Dona Nobis Pacem.

So, lots of new things.

New college semester. Yeah, I have Economics, Sign Language, Human Growth and Development, Voice and Earth Science. I really like my professor for Economics, however, I basically hate the class. Sign Language is awesome with crazy lip lady. I love it. Human Growth is alright. and so is Earth Science. Voice isn't what I thought it would be, but it's good. It's much more classical, when i wanted like... musical theatre. I dont know. I suppose it's helping me though, or something.
My parents are possibly getting divorced. I'm twenty, and I never thought I would have to say that. However, I kind of think it would be a good thing. I think that everyone would be happier. But who knows if it will actually happen.
I'm still fat. Obviously. I don't think I can ever lose the weight. Living in my basement. Drinking coke. and eating cookies. While sitting on my fat ass. Definitely not gonna help it.
I owe like a million dollars on credit cards. I dont know how I got so bad. I don't even want to know. One day, I'm going to cut them up and take pictures while I do it. Because there are nights where I lay in bed and thats all i can think about. and all i can do is lay in bed and think about everything shitty in my life and not sleep.
It's nine thirty six and usually I'm sleeping by now. However, I have a presentation tomorrow in Economics, so I'm kind of freaking out. You know, instead of sleeping. Blah. Hey, all I can do is read my slides and my paper. Then it's up to the next victim.
My head hurts so bad right now.
Does anyone know any good diet pills? Like they have that new stop smoking pill that makes cigarettes like repulsive. So maybe there's a diet pill that makes eating good things gross. and gross things good. OR maybe someone could come over and stab me while I go for a walk so that I walk faster.

Okay, I'm done.
Talking about fat sucking has me a bit too tired.........
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