A tale.. (xxwideeyesxx) wrote,
A tale..

Crushing one another with colossal expectations.

You make me happier than I think I've ever been. I get so nervous and unsure of myself when you say those incredibly nice things to me because no one ever has done that before, ever. Not my parents, not a boy, not anyone. I'm sorry if I react badly.
I'm sorry if I talk about him too much. I'm sorry if I compare you two too much. I'm sorry that I say that I'm fat and gross all the time.

I love how you make me feel.
I love how much you care about my feelings.
I love when you make me laugh.
I love that you tell me I'm cute all the time.
I love that you can be incredibly adult and then incredibly young at the same time.
I love that you use big, grownup words in your sentences.
I love that you think that I'm cute.
I love how I found you after almost 3 years of sitting behind me without talking to each other.
I love how much I smile when I'm talking to you, around you or thinking about you.
I love that you let me be me.
I love that you let me talk about the past even though the future sounds so much better.
I love your cousin.
I love it, secretly, when you open my car door.
I love how much you compliment me.
I love the fact that you're making me do things and try things that I never ever thought I would.
I love who I am when you're around.

I hate how sad the thought of you makes me feel.
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