A tale.. (xxwideeyesxx) wrote,
A tale..

Cuz we can dance to the radio station that plays in our teeth.

June 11, 2007
Exercise: 30 minutes
1.37 miles
176 calories

I went a lot slower today because my knees and legs were hurting. But, I still did my half hour. and I went over a mile. So I think I'm doing okay.

5 am is a harsh mistress.

However, I love that feeling afterward. After I've taken my shower and I'm all ready to go.

It realy is something new and interesting that I have never, ever felt before.

Someone should buy me a digital scale because I never know if I'm actually losing weight or not.
Also, I'm not worrying about my food intake quite yet. Because then I go insane. I figure that once I get better at the elliptical, I'll start worrying more about the food.
I still eat only my granola bar for breakfast. Or skip it completely and have a bigger lunch.

So absent mindedly I still make a food effort sometimes.
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